Find what I have learned about sustainability, resilience, organizations and teamwork on this web site.

Do you need to better integrate sustainability into your mid-career engineering practice? Do you need to get some perspective on resilience? Do you need to improve your engineering leadership? Me, too. And this web site records what I am finding so we can share a common understanding.

To learn what I am learning, read on. Skip to Why write about sustainability. Dive into random thoughts on organizations or check out my always growing list of reference sources.

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Use the following two aids to learn more about what I'm doing on this website. I'm using to run some parts of the site. Sandstorm has a unique security model which I like: stuff only connects to other stuff if you tell it to.

  • Learning Journey - research tree covering my sustainability and resilience journey (I intend to show how I have progressed through the knowledge to get to where I am so that you can, too)
  • Website Task Board showing what I'm doing with the site at a very detailed level

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